Candidate Sourcing

Utilizing effective advertising campaigns, our partner network of job recruiting companies and professionals, as well as our own candiate database, we are comitted to finding a perfect match.

Sourcing potential candidates, as the first, and arguably the most important step of the recruiting process, is a resource intensive task for a company of any size. Unless done proactively, you are effectively limiting your potential to only a fragment of the available workforce reachable in a short span of time allocated for sourcing a candidate for a particular job opening.

It is not a coincidence that there is an increasing trend in number of companies which rely on professional HR agencies for their recruiting needs, because, simply put, it is the most cost effective and efficient approach.

Main benefits:

  • Reduced time-to-fill with phone screened candidates with skills that match job requirements.
  • Talent pipelines (databases of engaged candidates) to cover current and future hiring needs.
  • Ability to plan your recruiting expenses ahead of time.
  • Maximum campaign reach through tried and tested sourcing tools/channels (get the most qualified and quality candidates).
  • Save both time and money knowing quality will not be sacrificed.
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